This few days i feel so screwed. I'm not comfort anymore with this home, i mean house, yes house, not home. Everything is going worse. I miss something called peace and happiness. I really disappointed with this situation. No more laugh and smile, just argue and tears. Oh God, i really hate it. Everyone just care with their own business, don't really care about me anymore. I just pretending not to see the problem, sit in front my laptop all day long, and turn on the music, i'm better off silent or sing while playing guitar. I don't want to hear or listen another sound here, it's just hurt my feeling and damage my mind. Arguing, yes, arguing everyday. Talk with a very loud voice, just like everyone here are deaf. If i were a stranger, i would punch at everyone's face here. I've left from here a few times, just wanna know if they really care. And the answer is yes, they don't care. No one call me or text me where i am, what i am doing, etc. All i need just money, and i will leave from this hell.
People don't know about what really happened, i am not as happy as you see. 
I'm so depressed. I'm saying bad words everywhere, i'm so far from God. I'm so damned.

All i want is like the lyric of this song, i miss the feeling like this.. 
"waking up and see everything is okay"

now i know the feeling when everything changed

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