My Super Dog (2)

I got a really bad news yesterday. I just arrived home after hanging out with some of my friends. i found no one at home, only Cika. I called my daddy and asked what happened, where were everyone, include Alexa. Daddy told me that he's at the veterinarian. A few days, Alexa was sick, she didn't want to eat anything. I thought that she was just unwell like usual, but i was wrong. Daddy told me that Alexa should be in surgery as soon as possible, there's a problem with Alexa, called Pyometra. Without surgery, the possibility of her life is just 20%. I cried, Alexa almost died. There's nothing i can do at home. I was so worry :'( 
Time went so slow, i was waiting for Alexa's surgery. One hour felt so long that time. I called my mom a hundred times, asked about Alexa's surgery. Until i got a news that the surgery were done. The Doctor said, the surgery went well, but we had to wait until tomorrow to see Alexa's condition. Alexa stayed at there, and had infusion. My mom told me, Alexa's condition was bad, she couldn't get up. We worried that she couldn't survive :'(

Today, i went to the clinic to see Alexa. And praise the Lord she looked better. she barked, ran, and played with me. But she's not totally well, she still at the clinic tonight, and had infusion. The surgery cost is more expensive than the Alexa's price when i bought her.  Some people says that "It just an animal, you can buy a new one"  But we didn't care, we could buy two new Alexas with the cost, but it's not same. It's not about a dog, it's about a soul, it's about Alexa, it's about family. Nothing can replace Alexa. she's soul means a lot.Get well soon my super dog, Alexa. Prove it to everyone that you are my Super Dog. I LOVE YOU :')

Get well soon deaaaar <3

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