Terusik Traxkustik

Last Sunday, i went to Planet Hollywood to see Payung Teduh and Endah n Rhesa Performance. I got the invitation from Trax fm (Terusik Traxkustik). My friend nadia latief told me to fill the form on trax fm website and easily i got the invitation.

I was so interesting to see Payung Teduh performance, i have told you about that unique band here http://fero-ch.blogspot.com/2012/08/payung-teduh.html . And finally i can see their live performance ! They performed almost all songs of their album "Dunia Batas".  i was so excited :')

After that, there was a very cool and sweet performance from Endah N Rhesa, they were so amazing :') i don't really know about their songs, but i really enjoyed their music :D Especially Endah, she's very awesome, very talented singer and guitar player :''')

Sorry, I'm not really in the mood to write, so there are more photos than writing :') kalo mau kisah lengkapnya baca postingannya si nadia aja nih yang ikut melancong ke plahol bersama saya :')

thanks to trax fm Jakarta

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