Welcoming new family member.

Haven't told you all about this. Ok, i wanna introduce my new family member. CIKA!
i got Cika from my bf,  for one and other reason my bf can't take care of Cika.
Cika is a Pug Dog, she has a very funny and ugly face LOL but she's still cute :3
This morning, my dad, mom and i just bring Cika to Lapangan Banteng.We woke up at 5am then went to Lapangan Banteng. Now, i'm still sleepy, just arrived home. Can't tell you a lot, so here is the photos :)

wake up so early today. sun has just raised

this is Cika :3

mom and dad play with Cika 

Mom and Cika

Dad and Cika

Cika and I

Welcome to the family Cika <3

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