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Today Christnadi, Maria, Clarissa and i went to some historical places in Jakarta. I was born in Jakarta but haven't entered the National Monument. So today, i decided to go there :D
This is it... National Monument a.k.a Monas.

I haven't known before that the entrance is in underground :O This is the only one entrance to go to ticket booth.

This is the ticket booth, the ticket price was so cheap. Only IDR 1000 if you are a student, and IDR 2500 if you are not. So don't forget to bring your student card if you go there :)

After bought the ticket, we will see this monument. The golden on the top isn't visible from this photo :(

This is the first floor. There are a lot of picture and story about Indonesia. Historical events, war, etc

We decided to go to 2nd and 3rd floor too. So, we have to buy a ticket again. Now is a bit more expensive. IDR 3500 for student, and IDR 7500 for normal price. Remember, don't forget to bring your student card. they checked it !

This is 3rd floor. We can see Jakarta view from this telescope. And we have to buy coin to turn on this telescope, IDR 2000. But.. ssst.. this is secret. We didn't know that we had to buy the coin, we inserted IDR 100 to this telescope, and it works! It is not our fault, we didn't know u.u

This is the view that we can see. If you see from telescope, you could see the view closer.

We went to 2nd floor, just to have some rest here :)

Shit just got real. TOMCAT ! there are some tomcat beside us! errrrrr. Nothing to do here. RUN!

GARUDA, you look so cool here. I like it.


After traveled around Monas, we went to Old Town, Kota. Have been there for 5 times ! But today, i tried a new experience, rent a "Tandem Bicycle" and went to Sunda Kelapa harbour. It just IDR 25000 for one Tandem Bicycle, and the rent time is unlimited :P

Forgot to take photo. This is Tandem Bicycle. There are two saddle in one bicycle :)

This is Sunda Kelapa Harbour. A lot of boat here :)

Maria, me and Clarissa

We forgot the way to Sunda Kelapa, so we lost a few time, and asked some people for the route. Like wise when we have to back from Sunda Kelapa, we forgot the way, and we arrived at Ancol ._. kinda shocked and tired, but it was soooo fun :D We continued our journey to Kota Intan Bridge. Just took some photos there and .. i lost my camera lens cover :( My friends helped me to search the lens cover, went back to the first place, and Adi took me back to the bridge again. But we didn't found it :( 

The Kota Intan Bridge

Better to hug the bridge than Adi :P

A moment before i realized i lost my lens cover D:

We went back to the Old town to bring back and pay the bicycle. We had late lunch at Mc.Donald Hayam Wuruk, and finally went back home :) I was soooo tired today, my skin is tanned and now is getting more darker -_- but, today was so fun. New experience, low budget, i love it. Thanks Christnadi, Maria, Clarissa for today. Love you all :*

i hate this town, but i love this town 

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