X : i wish you were here, i'm crying now. i hurt so bad coz... (some texts are censored)
Y : don't make a decision when you're angry and don't make promises when you're happy. that's the law.

you now can sayyou hate him, but all the couples of the world,
ALL.. have arguments
i know they hurts. but they're like a cover on the eyesdon't let us see how things really are.. 

X : how if this happens again?

Y : pray for this, so it won't happen anymore

X : =) 

Y : =)

thanks for your advice :'D

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3 Responses to “conversation”

  1. Salam kenal feronica. sepertinya ini blog tentang pengalaman pribadi ya.terus berjuang

  2. halo Putri :) ehmm.. campur-campur blog nya. ga semuanya pengalaman pribadi, tp sbgian besar iya :) thanks uda mampir! keep blogging

  3. pengalaman pribadi ya? :) hampir sama