stranger ? :D

Around a few month ago, i met someone from ( talk to stranger website)
His name is Danilo Gentile, from Italy. (20 y.o)

since that time, we become a best friend :)
we've shared and talked about a lot of things.
He is different with another stranger, he is a very nice guy.
He always make me laugh, give me some good songs, listen to my worry,  and give me some advice  when i need it. (even when i have a fight with my boyfriend)
Know him is a blessing.

He's my first best friend from another country,
i really appreciate it, so i made him a picture. i draw it with my self (on photoshop) :D

(i cannot share his real photo, so you can see him from this picture lol.)

he promises that wanna visit Indonesia someday :)
i also promise wanna go to Italy if i had unlimited money XD

and now, i rarely open chatroulette again. because, have one Danilo as my friend is enough :)
"Better to Have One Friend of Great Value than Many Friends of Little Value."

have a friend from another country is really nice :D
you can increase your speaking skill with another language, maybe english, italian, france, etc
then, you will know many things about their country, culture, lifestyle.. and you can share your own too .

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth. " 
-Robert Southey-

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