sorry, i can't

my life become complicated now ...
someone's enter my life, he fills my life with laugh and smile
from the time that he came to my life, i feel happy, there's no tears again
i feel so comfort when i with him, when i text him, when i chat with him.
he cares about me, and it makes me feel loved.

i feel that he fills an empty space in my heart
am i fell in love with him?
i think a little. but, there are so many reason that i can't love him.
because so many different between us. and our status now.
so, i drew a line on my heart, because i shouldn't love him.
and i finished to draw that line.

one day, he made a confenssion.. that he love me, and ask me to be his girl.
first, i laugh because that confession,, i never think it's become complicated like now.
i think he doesn't serious about that ..
i explained him that so many reason, so we can't be together..
i broke someone's heart, and it's hurt me too.
it is my fault... i open a way so he can enter..

he sad.
he change.
he didn't text me again, he didn't do everything like usu
it's make me confuse.
everyday i try to make him laugh again. but can't.

now, he's trying to make a fence on his heart.
but doesn't know when that fence will finish to build.

please, don't go far away from me..
i will be sad if you do that.

really, i don't want to broke your heart,,
but .. can't. we can't be together.
i'm so sorry about that ..

i hope we can be like yesterday,,
smile, laugh, with no tears and pain.

and i always pray..
may God give the best for us. :)

" Tere - Tersenyumlah
Mengapa kau bersedih
Saat cinta pergi
Biarlah saja, bila semua harus terjadi

Hidup bukan sampai disini
Waktu terus berjalan
Yakinlah ada bahagia
Yang akan kau rasa dalam hidupmu

Dan tersenyumlah sayang
Lepas semua pedih di hati
Karena cinta masih ada
Dan slalu ada
Oh percayalah

Kadang cinta tak berhati
Sering menyakiti
Tapi cinta yang sejati
Meski tlah pergi
Kan datang lagi

Jangan kau tutup hatimu
Raihlah bahagia hidupmu
Karna cinta pasti ada
Dan slalu ada
Oh percayalah"

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